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NEW! Your Inner Fish PBS Series

PBS created a three-part television series based off of Neil Shubin's best-selling book, Your Inner Fish. Along with the series, they have created an excellent website with teaching resources, video clips, and interactive features to guide you through the record of evolution in our bodies.

Free Lecture Slides for Educators

We offer a free teaching tool for educators who are inspired by Your Inner Fish and want to share it with their students. Download the free PowerPoint slides with the figures and captions from Your Inner Fish for use in your classroom. (Note: this is a zipped PowerPoint file, but the file is still quite large so the download may take some time. If you have trouble with the zipped file, try the unzipped PowerPoint file. If you need a smaller but uneditable version, try the pdf.) Also available by chapter.

Additional Resources

On the Web — This website is published by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and contains numerous articles and teaching resources in biology, genomics, evolution, and biotech, among others. All of their information is also available in Spanish.

Devonian Times — Additional information on Devonian plants and animals discovered at one of our field sites in Pennsylvania.

Evolution 101 screenshot

Evolution 101 — Interested in learning about the nuts and bolts of evolution? The University of California's Museum of Paleontology has a site that will not disappoint. Special teacher's resources also available.

Tree of Life — 4000+ pages of information about the diversity of organisms on Earth and their evolutionary history.

Evolving Planet — Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History has a beautiful new permanent exhibit on the history of life on Earth. If you can't visit in person, this website will take you through some of the highlights. Teacher's resources and general information on evolution available as well.

Encyclopedia of Life screenshot

Encyclopedia of Life — The Encyclopedia of Life is a project in the works. Their goal is to create a web page for each of the estimated 1.8 million species on our planet. Students, teachers, scientists, and naturalists are invited to contribute content or volunteer with the project in a variety of ways. When it is complete, it will provide an online record of the vast array of life on earth.

Maps & Mapping Projects

Google Earth — Download this software and explore Ellesmere Island and the world!

Paleomap Project — See how the continents have drifted and changed shape over time.

Further Reading

Articles available online

Articles available at your local library

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    (online for subscribers)
  • "The pectoral fin of Tiktaalik roseae and the origin of the tetrapod limb," by N.H. Shubin, E.B. Daeschler, F.A. Jenkins, Jr. Nature Vol. 440. pp. 764-771.
    (online for subscribers)
  • "Amphibious Ancestors" by Sid Perkins. Science News, 17 June 2006.
    (online for subscribers)
  • "The Fish that Changed the World" by Gerry Bishop. Ranger Rick, October 2006.


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