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Photo Gallery

Images from the Field

Ted and Neil stand in a field of moss campion Marcus C. Davis and Neil Shubin pose for a photo shoot in the quarry at Goose Fiord, 2000. The valley in which Tiktaalik roseae was discovered. At first, the Arctic landscape can look colorless, but lichens and mosses are stunning if you look down and tune in to their variety and beauty Working the quarry at Bird Fiord, 2004. Steve Gatesy works the quarry in Bird Fiord, 2004. Vendom Fiord, Nunavut, Canada, 2002. No luck with fossils here, but it sure was beautiful. Pulling out from Vendom Fiord, 2002. Steve Gatesy and Farish A. Jenkins, Jr. isolating the NUFV 108 specimen. Brian Atagootak joined us in the summer of 2002. Posing with one of the specimens  before encasing it completely in plaster for the ride home. Working the quarry in Bird Fiord, 2004. A helicopter transports gear and fossils from Okse Bay to Sor Fiord, 2002. 2004 was a wet year. A tent was erected at the quarry and heated with Coleman stoves to help dry the plaster jackets encasing the fossils. Snow in July at Okse Bay camp, 2002. The crew takes a break. Brian and Scott relax in the cook tent, 2002. Ted, Corwin, and Jack isolate a specimen in Bird Quarry. Twin otters are an essential mode of transportation in the high Arctic. Flying in to Bird Fiord, 2006. Setting up the cook tent at Bird Fiord base camp, 2006. A jaw fragment. An after-dinner hike in Bird Fiord. After a 17-mile hike to the western arm of Bird Fiord. Iqualuit airport Shubin and Daeschler Bird Fiord quarry from above Base camp at Bird Fiord, 2006 Fog rolls into camp Opening up Bird quarry to start the 2006 season thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail Enjoying dinner

Images from the Lab

Daeschler with the skull and life-sized reconstruction of Tiktaalik roseae Shubin stands with a cast of Tiktaalik roseae Jenkins, Jr. poses with Tiktaalik roseae Tiktaalik roseae Tiktaalik as it emerged from its plaster jacket Fred Mullison removes  rock from Tiktaalik Bob Masek removes  rock from Tiktaalik Kalliopi Monoyios studies a model of a fin she constructed Tiktaalik roseae is a transitional species between lobe-finned fish and tetrapods of the Devonian series of stipple drawings by Kalliopi Monoyios Flick Ford reconstruction of Tiktaalik Two articles appeared in the April 6, 2006 issue of Nature Life-sized Tiktaalik model by Tyler Keillor Tyler Keillor working on the Tiktaalik model Pulling a silicone mold off the Tiktaalik model The model in the final stages of production The models waiting to be shippped to museums Embrace Your Inner Fish!

Arctic Plants & Wildlife

Moss campion in bloom Muskox skull covered in moss Unidentified plant Woolly Bear Caterpillar Baird's sandpiper nest Arctic Willow Unidentified mushroom Sulphur Buttercup Unidentified mushroom Snow bunting adult  and juvenile Purple Mountain Saxifrage Arctic cottongrass Jewel lichen Bladder campion Eggshell Lenticular clouds Red Moss Juvenile Arctic hare

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